Paul Cuffee

Portrait of Paul Cuffee  by Chester Harding

Portrait of Paul Cuffee
by Chester Harding

Cuffee (Cuffe) was born in Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts. He became a privateer, ship owner, and merchant. In 1808 he became Quaker in Westport, Massachusetts. He worked on resettlement of free African-Americans to Sierra Leone, including founding the Friendly Society of Sierra Leone.

“My soul feels free to travel for the welfare of
my fellow creatures both here and hereafter.”

—Paul Cuffee

WORLD QUAKER DAY: Introducing Judi Dench

Photo Credit: Theo Kingma/REX

Photo Credit: Theo Kingma/REX

Dench converted to Quakerism at age 14 while attending The Mount, a Quaker boarding school in York, England. Her Quaker faith is fundamental to her, centering and grounding her. It is something she says she has to work hard at. She is a patron of the Leaveners, the Young Friends acting group of Britain Yearly Meeting.

“It informs everything I do, but I don't flaunt it.”

—Judi Dench
On Being a Quaker
BBC Interview, March 21, 2013